Steve and Josh Radick - I hired steve radick and josh radick to install a rear bumber and they didnt do the job and tried to


steve radick and josh radick wher my neighbors in bay village ohio.steve radick and josh radick had a bumper in there back yard they said they would sell me..

so i bought it for 150$ he said they would install it for 100$ so i bought the bumper and he said he whanted the install fee anyways.. i even helped josh radick and steve radick aka scrap dog scrappers install the bumper on my dodge ram.. i really think people should not hire this family to do auto work.. they drive around town on garbage night and steal scrap from peoples yards..

formaly known as garbage picking. and garbage picking is against the law in bay village ohio..

im a pissed off consumer against the radick boys that ripped me off.joe schwartz rd westlake ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #747822

steve radick and josh radick are garbage pickers, they go out on garbage night and take garbage and resell it, or they put it in there yard, the sity of rocky river has many ov complaints on them. steve radick rocky river courts ohio, they ripped me off and have a reputation of ripping people off in bay village and surrounding neighborhoods, i hope they will change there ways and stop ripping off people, neither of them know anything about working on cars, do not hire them!! i have 2 open claims against them with the ohio attorney generals office,

Akron, Ohio, United States #709408

I have just had a dealing with the Raddicks and man you are so right I woulpd love to speak with you as I am going to file a claim in small claims court! Pleas contact me at

to Geo Akron, Ohio, United States #709417

ANYBODY THAT HAS DEALINGS WITH THIS ****OLE PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL AT; 330-869-9779 as i am filing a lawsuit against Mr.Steve Raddick.

I will be greatly appreciative of anyone who will come forward!Obviously I am not the only victim of this scam artist!


steve radick and linda bainbridge are totally hill billys!!as you probably know if you have ever been to there house..

stay away from steve radick he will steal your deposit oney and never do the job. i cant say anything bad about the kids because steve is the one who causes all the problems. steve radick neighbor cant sell there house because of the eye sore the radicks live in.. steve radick is a bad man and has ripped me off!!

he was also on the news for being a bad neighbor.

go on you tube and look up bad neighbor bay village ohio..and steve stop calling me!!:(

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